We changed our questions at Disney, changing everything

Press Ganey questions


Press Ganey questions


We changed our questions at Disney, changing everything.

The first 15 years working at Disney, we asked questions similar to the ones Press Ganey is asking above.

Somewhere in the middle 1990’s we transformed our thinking as an organization.

We uncovered the four key drivers to Guest Satisfaction and made sure every Cast Member group (Front Desk, Waitress, Life Guard, Merchandise Host, Landscaper, etc) was rated on those four key drivers above everything else.

Four simple questions.

Every Cast Member group was held accountable for excellence in all four Key Drivers.

What if we “aced” lessor Guest Satisfaction Drivers, but failed at mission critical drivers?

Our repeat visitation – our number one business metric – would drop.

Simple as that.

Even a 1% drop would translate to millions (and millions) in lost revenue.

And even a 1% increase would have the opposite (and positive) affect.

PS. Go 5% in either direction. Go 10%.




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The Most Important Result On Any Leadership Survey Is This…

Trust is developed over time. In five years, when he's 16, there should be enough trust to turn over the keys.

The first thing I race to after receiving leadership survey results (where people rated me), is this question: How often do you trust your leader:

  • Always
  • Most of the time
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no
  • Rarely
  • Never

It’s easy to see why the only acceptable answer is obvious.

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