The gift of freedom to learn your own career lessons

CEO vs janitor
We laugh – and point fingers – but it’s profound.


The gift of freedom to learn your own career lessons.

CEO’s are vulnerable because they get handled. No one wants to point out the CEO’s blindspots or weaknesses because of the assorted socially perpetuated hallucinations about how doing this is bad for your career.

PS. You are the CEO of You, Inc.




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Should we quit and stay?

House of Blues sign
Yesterday at Downtown Disney.


We all ask this question at least once in our career.

Should we quit and stay?

Is our career over and yet we still have years before retirement?

Meaning, are we stuck where we are because we have given up on “being someone who makes a difference”?


That’s how we’re gonna go out in life?

Bad karma to be brutally honest. Like stealing.

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If work is so much fun, why can we hardly stand it?

Eyes and Ears Central Florida publication


(photo: Eyes and Ears is a large Central Florida publication… it’s common to see this everywhere in the Orlando area)

If she was a chef like the mouse in Ratatouille and experimented with every type of food and crazy combinations people would call her a lunatic (until the end of the movie).

If he was Mr. Incredible and couldn’t help himself from trying to catch the bad guys even though he no longer works as a superhero people would call him a freak (until the end of the movie).

If she wanted to join the men-only army to save her father, people would label her insane (until the end of the movie).

What inspires us to push through the labels and do what we feel in our heart needs to be done?

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