Staying creative means never getting bored with the basics

Disney Institute Speakers
Two of the 30+ years worth of Disney Name Tags. Photo: Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park a couple weeks ago.


Disney Institute Speakers
Stay flexible and strong, and of course, stay creative.


Staying creative for a lifetime means never getting bored with the basics.

Have strong beliefs.

Be flexible.

Ask others for help.

And test things, take risks – launch, learn, revise, repeat.


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If you don’t have a blog, that’s OK, the article probably won’t mean much to you or your business.

Blogging is much easier and much more impactful than you think.

There are early adopters, laggards, and the people in between (the mass consumption). To be world class in business, you have to out work your competition.  Anyone think that’s possible without the Internet?  Without Social Media?

If so, there’s a place reserved for you in the museum, not far from the T-Rex exhibit.