It’s the only thing that perpetuates excellence

Teen learning to skip a stone at Lake Mcdonald


(photo: teaching a Florida boy how to skip a stone… and how to live like you mean it)

Greetings from Salt Lake City. As we taxi to the terminal there is a flood of deep gratitude for great leadership.

The very best leaders teach and they expect those they teach to teach.

Ripple effect.

Seems so small in the big picture.

In the big picture, it’s the only thing that perpetuates excellence.

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We go straight to unlimited x-rated viewing with one simple click

young child in car seat with stuffed animals
There are many ways to raise a child – do we begin with the end in mind?


Yesterday a 9th grader visited the 7th and 8th graders and was sharing with them how his father taught him extensively about money. From the time he was a little boy he was shown the bills, payments, investments – he saw them all and even had to sign off that he read them.

Fast forward this same boy to 7th and 8th grade and the Internet.

The fatherly advice for free, unlimited, unrestricted Internet access? “Don’t go on You Tube, there’s bad stuff there”.

Not judging (even if it sounds like it). Rather, observing the difference in detail.

We teach what we know. Don’t we?

An expert money manager? For sure.

An Internet expert in the new, global social economy? You decide.

Online predators, pornography, hackers, bullies, age-inappropriate options.

The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences has ratings and we heed these and use our discretion.

The Internet? We go straight to unlimited x-rated viewing with one simple click.

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The Breakers iconic towers
Unmistakably The Breakers (from the beach side)


Can we simplify key, transformational learning points insights into a tagline, catchphrase, acronym?

Should we?

O4E – Overmanage for engagement.

Yeah, final answer – O4E.

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Would you be okay with a hand-me-down smart phone?

Apple iPhone 5s invoice
Notice the order date (ordered it the minute it went on sale (12:01am PST)


iPhone 5s in box
Removing the box lid almost takes your breath away because the art is so stunning


Friendly reminder: Life happens one moment at a time. When we are fully engaged in it (and write about it) we learn so much more about what it takes to be excellent and not just hope for excellence).

So the iPhone 5s arrived from China yesterday. This means Chapin gets the hand-me-down iPhone 5.

This required going to the ATT store to get a new sim card and then returning home to restore the 5 from his latest iTunes backup.

It was in the trip home from ATT that magic happened.

The revelation that the same world class leadership and facilitation methods used professionally with seasoned CEO’s all the way to the entry-level brand new employees could be (and should be) used with a 13-year old.

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Hands down the single best way to up your game

Columbus Learning Center Ivy Tech Campus
You do not have to be a professor to teach others. All you need is a teacher’s heart.


Want to up your game? Teach what you know to others. You may never be asked to or paid to, so initiate it. To teach is to learn twice. Nothing makes you smarter than teaching.

And nothing makes a teacher smarter still, than practicing what they preach. Most do not. This is where the remarkable teachers have the opportunity obligation to rise above all the others.

And to leave a legacy of having a teacher’s heart.

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