There’s a time and a place to give up

Sad, but true. Do want you want to do with your life. It’s your life. Balance is a moving target.

There’s a time and a place to give up.

You can only learn this by experimenting with your judgment – this is your personal leadership responsibility.

Often, the test results from your experimenting won’t be available for months, years, even decades.

For example, giving up on staying active, eating and resting well, and staying motivated and having fun won’t generally reveal what a mistake that was until decades later.

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Can we overcome the burning desire, and should we?

Teddy Bear using seat belt in child car seat
At Disney, Safety takes a backseat to nothing (a guiding principle today?) (photo from 2005)


The big question this morning is how well do over achiever’s follow Doctors orders?

Hoping a lifetime of focus and discipline will overcome the burning desire temptation to be present at Mike’s Celebration of Life in five hours.

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Our obligation to be a leader is tested when we come to this daily crossroads

photo of elementary school Christmas play
when do adults give up trying to be the example for their children?

Our obligation to be a leader is tested when we come to this daily crossroads, when we have the choice between doing what’s easy (nothing) and doing what’s challenging (required).

In the photo above, I can’t help but wonder how many adults watching feel an overwhelming sense of obligation to show the children in their life that work life balance is possible, and a non-negotiable.

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