Let the morning bring abundance

Naval podcast Tim ferris
Listened (pick episode 136) while walking to and from the gym yesterday.


Sanibel weather
Today is Thursday.


Writing every day is such a fine way to center my thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Giving thanks.

To start a day without this would feel like a punishment – an undeserved imprisonment.

This post has the link to the Tim Ferris Podcast with Naval. It’s 50+ minutes. One of the most intriguing podcasts i’ve ever heard.

If i were you, i’d do myself a favor (go to episode #136) .

PS. This morning’s sunrise was inspiring.


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Do you dream of there being a time for you when you walk without any fear?

Praise for Midlife Celebration, the book
Revisiting LinkedIn profile to make sure it speaks admirably


Do you dream of there being a time for you when you walk without any fear?

When we say Happy Thanksgiving, what do we really think we’re saying or imparting?

Going through the motions?

Or feeling grateful with every breath, every step? Living like you mean it?

November 28, 2013… Happy Thanksgiving…

We have come to know the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day when we learn to celebrate it everyday.


So what do we really want our LinkedIn profile to do for us?

And who even cares for a second how smart and experienced we are? There’s always going to be someone better.

If we’ve ever taken the time to read a bunch of profiles, they all say pretty much the same thing, “I’m so smart, I’m so smart, I’m so smart”.

And it’s true, people have amazing resumes.

And yet it begs the question, do they possess something so remarkable that they have elevated what they do to an art form?


Not paintings, sculpture, music, acting.



Thinking and doing brilliantly different.

Game changing.



That’s the type of speaker we want to listen to.

That’s the type of speaking remarkable speakers wake up driven to deliver.

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What is the ultimate leadership test ever invented?

life's purpose
the physiological goal in life is reproduction


What is the ultimate leadership test ever invented? Parenting. Why? Because everything we’ve learned is our responsibility to teach and develop in our child(ren). Without a child, who does an adult teach this too?

Without the passing on of our deepest convictions, most noble aspirations, and biggest mistakes, a person is likely to leave cards on the table, in the game called life.

If we are not, or never will be a parent, this may be difficult to comprehend. We still love you. Unconditionally.

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Don’t Bother

“If you’re not going to come into the office on Thanksgiving Day, don’t even bother coming in on Christmas day”, the overworked, underpaid leader stated to the others on her team.

The Beatles got it right, didn’t they – “Eight Days A Week”.

This is a good time to be working harder than you ever have before.  I know firsthand, and some think I’m crazy, but I work seven days a week. And have for a long time.

Ain’t braggin’.  Just stating the facts.  And sometimes I wish the week had eight days. But mostly, an extra day just to sleep.

Hope you have an extraordinary week of hard work. We reap what we sow. This is the time to be out-working your competition. When others are ready to give up, it’ll be your opportunity to shine.