Heaven forbid we get so used to this that we never change

Chances are great we are living in a rat race, on the treadmill of mediocrity. Heaven forbid we get so used to this that we never change.



Ask just one simple question to the person in your mirror, “Am I an example or a warning?”

The catalyst for change almost always comes from someone who is gentle, generous, and direct (and won’t tolerate any excuses).

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Because the herd follows the same direction, we accept this

Motivational quote on living without regret
Who wants to be the richest person n the graveyard?


When we stop climbing to feed our need for self worth in title and pay, we start climbing to feed our need for authenticity and contribution.

Because the herd follows the same widely accepted, well worn direction, we accept this as normal and follow along.

That getting ahead requires us to be better than the others vying for the same position.

And the only way to stand out – to be selected – is to shine brighter than our peers.

This creates a prison cell for small, justifiable deceit to flourish in our soul.

And it insidiously compromises our authentic self.

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Moving On

Faded and then finally abandoned, our childhood dreams once held the key to our zest for life. But then we got a car, a job, a mortgage, maybe even a family.

Our dreams of changing the world and doing great things were foolish anyway. Better off to follow The Herd.

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MBA Takes A Toll

Agree or disagree, you’ll often hear me talk about the value of, and expectations the student places on, an MBA. Overwhelming I see people get an MBA thinking it will propel their careers forward. Look around in your own world and do the math.

And of course, I have to take the road less traveled. You know, create an LLC, with the investment being not in a degree (paper) but in a profit (paper). It’s called not following the The Herd, because where the Herd is going is, well, a big pasture, or maybe the slaughter house.

Anyway, I’m climbing a mountain. A mountain that looks like the one my recent MBA degree graduate describes below.

“I received an incredible amount of support, internally from my classmates throughout the last 19 months. My family also put up with a significant amount of disengagement and time away or locked in a room because of traveling and the amount of time that I had to spend either studying by myself, or studying with my Cohort.”