It might not work

Disney Customer Service Guru? Or simply an ordinary fella?

Most need a prescription for their challenges. This is a societal flaw. A trap, a prison. Self-help gurus find you easy prey. Always needing someone else’s way starves you from thinking for yourself.

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Thinking Heads Speaker recommendation email

Disney Customer Service Speakers
We all had a Disney Institute flag. The goal was to take photos of our world travels. In this case the photo doesn’t share our location. Location is University of Iowa.


I am writing to you from Thinking Heads International Speaker Bureau as I would like to propose  Jeff Noel as a “Disney” keynote speaker at your upcoming ………………………………conference to talk about ……..

What makes companies like Disney so admirable, irresistible, and insanely great?

Is it magic, or perhaps pixie dust?

It’s risk-taking.

And simplicity.

A fanatical approach to thinking differently.

Want private access to Disney’s unique world-class business insights and methodologies that can excite, inspire, and motivate your audience?

Meet Jeff Noel, a 30-year Disney and Disney Institute Leadership veteran, two-time Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, published author and highly-sought business advisor. He has spoken to over one-million people and 2,000 different organizations globally since 1999.

Jeff has helped many Fortune 500 companies think and act differently through a series of programs that focus on his rare approach to business operations, touching on the five key operational areas that drive success for any company, based on his 30-plus years with The Walt Disney Company.

He began his Disney career at the age of 23, learning the operational DNA of Disney early on by working from the ground up as a “skipper” on Disney’s Jungle Cruise attraction, as Jungle Jeff. It was the foundation and philosophies of the “Disney Traditions” class at the time, a 3-day course in providing guests with exceptional service and experiences, that would set Jeff on his own path to business excellence, resulting in a career spanning over three decades with one of the most admired companies in the world.

Jeff combines compelling questions, unique paradox, and common sense with Disney-energy, contagious enthusiasm, and distinct audience activities to create “Keynote Speech Magic”.

For additional information about Jeff including fees and travel requirements or to book him as a keynote speaker at your event please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Why sophistication is a flawed proposition

Best Disney Conference Speakers
It could have read, Under Construction.


Profoundly simple, simply profound.

Yes, in a prefect world.

But perfect it ain’t.

However, this sentiment remains true in my opinion…

The simpler the insight, the more profound the learning.




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Walt Disney taught me to give it 100%

Disney's jeff noel quotes
The repetition with this photo is 100% intentional.


What if all our hard work and preparation only results in reaching one person?

Would we still do it?

What if that one person was our spouse or child?

Would we still do it?

What if we don’t work hard and the result is we reach no one?

Would we be satisfied with our effort?

Would we find peace, contentment, and joy in not trying harder than we are capable?

Walt Disney taught me to give it 100%.


All day.

We might set the world on fire.

We might not.

Live like you mean it.

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Simple Tip for Big Picture Thinking

What inspires people to spend time on “big picture thinking“?  I mean, most leaders are insanely busy.  Who’s got time for it?  Seriously.  And yet we forget:

“Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it”.

It’s incumbent on leaders to figure this out, isn’t it?  To find time for the inspiration to think big picture, and contemplate a better future.  These opportunities present themselves to us constantly and surround us everyday.  It could be as simple as spending a moment looking out a window on the descent of your flight.  For example:

Alaskan Glaciers from the Delta flight descending into Anchorage, Alaska yesterday.

Today is anther opportunity to be a great leader. Hope we are all up for the challenge.