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What’s The Most Important Thing A Successful Leader Should Do Four Days Before Christmas?

No rest for a weary (and thankful) leader

Where should a leader focus her valuable time and energy during hectic holiday periods? Same place as always. Spilt your thinking into three big chunks: what you did yesterday, what you are doing today, and what you need to do tomorrow. Go.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Facebook Fan Page

Before Facebook, There Where Newspapers
Before Facebook, There Where Newspapers

Can we all just agree on one thing? For the vast majority of people, there’s too much to do and too little time. This is why prioritization was invented.

Funny thing about prioritization, when you think back to how much time you’ve spent learning about it and honing your skills at prioritizing, you, well, come up pretty short.

So, when you get a little more time, what “priority” do you intend to work on?

Someday, maybe on vacation, I’ll find time to explore a decent and effective Facebook Fan Page. Social Media Examiner will be the first stop for tips, like this one yesterday.

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Super Freak She’s Super Freaky

Kinda Freaky
Kinda Freaky

Okay, the human mind is remarkably strange.  This Rick James song from long ago is in my head. Why? Because I’ve just reflected on the past two jungle jeff blog posts.

Wake up calls. Corporate down-sizing. Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack. It’s all kinda freaky, super freaky.

The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. Pancreatic cancer. Wife. Three young kids. Best-selling author. Hero. Role model. Computer Science Professor. Oprah Winfrey Guest. Deceased.

These are unprecedented times. Turbulent times. Stressful times. Uncertain times.

But time marches on.  Question is, “Will we?”

Number One Reason

Last weekend, my son (9) and I were relaxing in our pool at sunset.  I asked him, “You know why I’m working so hard on the business, right”?

“In case you lose your job”?, he said, questioning.

“Well sort of, but not really because of that.  I would like to have more control over the impact one can make on our world.  Being a business owner doesn’t guarantee that, but it sure does increase the odds”.

Reminded him of the power of hard work and how it’s harder at the beginning, in virtually everything, because there’s so much to learn.

Funny thing, for a nine-year old, he gets it.  And it’s easy to see why.

When his Dad became a parent, he worked really hard at the beginning, because there was so much to learn.

PS.  What I didn’t tell him is the “business” is my attempt to help raise enough money to find a cure for his disease.

jungle jeff is on purpose

jungle jeff is on purpose.

Are you on purpose? If you are, fantastic.  If you’re not, there’s hope. Surely you believe there’s hope.

Walt Disney’s “Small World” is a classic song of hope.

Here are a few things I did to get and stay “on purpose”:

  1. Thought about my purpose.  A lot.
  2. Observed others who where on purpose.
  3. Observed others who weren’t.
  4. Evaluated the pros & cons for both.
  5. Committed to figuring it out.
  6. Visualized it.  Tasted it.  Felt it.
  7. Never gave up.
  8. Wrote it down.  Crafted every word.
  9. Eventually, made it ridiculously simple (from 463 words to two).
  10. Lived it.  Living it.  Carpe diem.

Did I get it right the very first time?  No.

Was is hard to do?  Yes.

Did it take a long time?  Yes.

In my opinion, if you want to unleash your fullest potential, you will do the hard work to figure this out.

Walt Disney and jungle jeff have a lot in common.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff :).