If Disney Ran Your Life

If Disney Ran Your Life

Disney's Magic Kingdom photo on a busy day
There are a couple dozen people who are eminently qualified to be Disney Business experts.


Is there any interest in having this become a category?

If Disney ran your life.

If Disney Ran Your Life: The Owner’s Manual to Creating Personal Magic.

What a person chooses to focus on is what the person chooses to say about themselves.

Could our personal story become more purposeful and meaningful if we were as intentional about it as Disney is in running their businesses?

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

The two keys nobody wants to hear for creating Magic

Black Walnut Cafe entrance


(photo: The secret? It’s just two things.)

Focus and discipline are the two main ingredients for creating Magic.

Focus on the basics.

Discipline yourself to never get bored with the basics.

That’s it.

It ain’t complicated.

But it does require world class determination.

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Every morning jeff writes five different, short, and pithy posts about the challenging and wonderful balance between:

mind • body • spirit • work • home

All five websites are seamlessly connected by a convenient and easy to click link to go to the next topic.

Try it below if you never done it, or if it’s been awhile.

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Professionally Speaking

Good and very good aren’t good enough in some circles

This video clip from a Mad Men episode is embedded in the article link below.



The author has 3.4M G+ followers. Wow.

Interesting spin. He shares a good dose of common sense. Yet some easy, remarkable tips are missing.

Ever attend a presentation were the speaker to listener ratio occasionally was between 1:5 and even as low as 1:1?

In an audience of 250 with one presenter, the speaker to listener ratio is 1:250.

What happens when the speaker to listener ration is dramatically low?

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Professionally Speaking

Six speaker tips for world class results

I love my blog pins
There is a story about how writing five daily, differently-themed blogs began


Be passionate, tell stories, use personal examples.

Embed questions, paradox and common sense.

These six speaker tips for world class results, practiced constantly will elevate a speaker into a class of their own.



Preach what you practice.

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Blogging & Social Media

If you blog or want to start blogging, some valuable tips

Blog page using WordPress and Genesis framework
Just get started, you can learn as you go


If you blog or want to start blogging, some valuable tips

A crash course in WordPress plugin development.

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