If Disney Ran Your Life

Are titles unimportant in leadership?

The Good Dinosaur ad
The Good Dinosaur ad in Disney’s Hollywood Studios parking lot yesterday.


One executive was talking with another, and it went like this, “I don’t believe in titles”.

i couldn’t help but wonder if the executive who said they don’t believe in titles would answer this question the same way.

Do you believe in responsibility?

“No, i don’t believe in responsibility”

Titles and responsibility are one and the same.

Everyone has a title:

CEO of You, Inc.




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Professionally Speaking

Let your life be overweight?

Disney Cast Member entrance door
Two seconds later his smile was a mile wide.


Some professional speakers speak with authority because their life gives weight to their words.

As Walt Disney Cast Members, we are called to live weighty lives that speak nothing but happiness, excellence, creativity and magic.

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