Tom Peters?

I saw Tom Peters in Orlando, maybe 10 years ago, shortly after becoming a professional speaker.

Tom Peter’s is insightful.  If you are looking for small nuggets with big impact, or simply want to reinforce what you believe, this slide show ought to do it for you.

In Search of Excellence and A Passion For Excellence were the two Leadership books that put Tom Peters on the path to legendary Management guru.

A Brand Called You

Icons Help Shape A Brand
Icons Help Shape A Brand

Who needs me to draw a map?

No seriously, I hope you’re getting this.  Hey, everyone is busy. You don’t think I know that?  Come on, I get it.

But do others get it?  There is never going to be a time when you will have time. It hurts to hear this, doesn’t it?

So now is the time.  And this is the place for simple, daily reflections on excellence. It has to be a daily habit, or it will never be excellent.

You can be very good, without a daily habit, but not excellent.

My whole point last week, spontaneously inspired by a ten-minute walk outside that Dallas hotel, was what Tom Peters calls: “A Brand Called You”. Others call it ,  “Me Inc”.

Don’t believe me?  Then click here to read an August 2007 Fast Company article from Tom Peters entitled, A Brand Called You.