Life Transition (Dec 2014)

There comes a time when the time is now

Middle-aged adults have fun on a Labor Day weekend reunion in a mountain cabin


(photo: The audience from the Don McLean sing-a-long… check out the second from right… hysterical?)

This group has been getting together over Labor Day weekend since graduating College in 1981.

Leadership takes many forms and has many accountbilities.

Relationships are near the top.

Perhaps (even in a busy world) the single most important thing?

Carving out time, eh?

Leaving in three days for the birthplace of this late-blooming intrepid traveler.

There comes a time when the time is now.

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it's overrated

Why Following A Traditional Route Is Certain Failure

A dinosaur. Try Netflix.

Traditional approaches to nearly everything are becoming extinct. Why? Because the environment is changing. My gosh, the change is really just beginning, and we act like it’s nearly done and things will get back to like they used to be.

Insight: The ice age was brutal. The way we will be employed in the future won’t look anything like today.

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