Magical aha moment

Pixar character at conference room
Just an ‘i was here’ photo.

Been teaching Disney Customer Service since forever.

It dawned on me during the flight home…

The content is the same content brand new Cast Members get on Day One in Disney Traditions.

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You must wear this every single day for your entire career

Disney Speakers
Esteemed colleagues (L-R) Dennis and Byran prepping for big client. Dennis and i met in 1988 and had lunch yesterday.


We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and talked for nearly three hours. Dennis was my Disney Traditions Manager in 1988, when 13 hourly, front-line Cast Members (i was one of them) were selected from hundreds of applicants.

Becoming a Disney Traditions instructor is one of the highest (non-promotional) honors an hourly Cast Member can receive. It’s a year-long cross-utilization role and several times each month you are pulled from your operation for a day to teach brand new Cast Members on their very first paid day at Walt Disney World.

It’s an engaging and exciting day-long introduction to the Disney culture, history, milestones, “business secrets, and it’s where they receive their Disney Name Tag.

Wearing your Name Tag is expected every single day of your Disney career because of what it represents to our Guests – it means any Cast Member can help you with anything.

Seems simple enough.

It’s what separates good and very good companies from world-class.

PS. Dennis retires from Disney and Disney Institute April 29th.




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Why the chains of tradition get lost as an asset

biz logos
drew the logo in less than a minute , back in 2008

(Did you click here from jeff If you did, the chain reference below makes perfect sense….

Know why the strong chains of tradition get lost as a corporate asset? Because ambitious people get in positions where they believe it’s still about their career, so they worry more about their promotability than about being unbelievably amazing.

Think about that…and I’ll see you tomorrow. If you’re smart interested, you can click the bolded link below and see how organization plays into this.

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