Read just the first sentence in the Tweet

  Read just the first sentence in the Tweet. Only that sentence. At Disney, training is highly structured, designed by an expert Human Resources team, and delivered by carefully chosen hourly Cast Members called “Disney Trainers”. A Disney Trainer is not a full-time role. You perform your normal Host/Hostess role and when you are needed, you […]

Making a great first impression in your organization

   Jody’s episode is worth a listen from start to finish. However, if you’re pressed for time, listening to just my 6-minute piece about Disney University and Disney’s Train-the-Trainer class is a decent compromise. PS. Listening to his first 6.5-minute piece makes my piece even more relevant. PSS. Jody and i used Skype to record. […]

How important is new employee orientation?

  Q. How important is it to conduct new employee orientation as the very first day (no exceptions) of work for newly hired employees? A. If an organization doesn’t immediately set context for everything else that will happen in an employee’s career, what is at risk? Seriously, let that sink in for a minute… New […]

Time to get back into it

    Keep up or get left behind. There’s something about continuous learning and seasonality. This post is simply real life in real time. A demonstration of practicing what is preached. Apple’s Yosemite operating system unveiled the Photos App for the first time a few days ago. Now photos can be stored on iCloud. A […]