Everyone’s Looking For Answers

We Need Questions, Not Answers!

And it seems too few are actually looking for the critical difference.

The goal isn’t to find the right answers.

I mean, most people ask the wrong questions.

The goal is to discover the right questions.

Then the real, transformational, work can begin.

Don’t expect any of my blogs to solve your problems.

Rather, expect a daily nudge that someone cares whether or not you accept your divine opportunity to transform yourself into the you you know you want to become.

I’ll meet you here everyday. Ya with me?

Better Leadership Purpose?

Hope It's Not Leaning Against The Wrong Wall
Hope It's Not Leaning Against The Wrong Wall

Does this sound familiar?

We spend our entire career (selfishly) trying to climb the ladder of success, to become a better leader.


We weren’t trying to become a better leader. We were trying to make more money and the next promotion and the newer title would take us higher and closer to our goal.

That’s the problem.

It was our goal. Our selfish goal. All about us.

Once a leader transforms herself into a servant, well, magic begins to happen.

If you’re not organized with the day-to-day stuff, it will take you longer (or maybe never) to become a servant.

Sh*t The Gurus Never Tell You

The video speaks for itself, but you have to listen closely and pay attention, or you’ll miss the underlying message, which is intended to help you transform yourself. By the way, transforming yourself has to start sometime. Eventually, the “sometime in the future when the timing in your life is better” will run out.

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