Are you prostituting your soul for your career ambitions?

Disney Leadership Speakers
Yesterday in the middle of a great discussion.


The two-day session was designed to help management Consultants. We talked briefly about Mid Life Celebration. Everyone in the room said they could benefit from the message of being responsible for becoming either a great example or a glaring warning to the people we love and care about, simply by the way we live our lives.

Shelly (pictured above) spoke of the “career prostitution”, the habitual commitment to do work that doesn’t feed our sense of authenticity. A commitment that poisons our soul.

She left the corporate grind to start an organization that helps single Moms in desperate need.

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If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire

Promises, promises, eh?
Promises, promises, eh?


On the plane yesterday an epiphany. A short 30-minute flight, and a headache, from Buffalo to Detroit. No ambition to squeeze in work, not even to read a few more pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book.

We talked most of the flight. She’s been in sales with the same company, traveling every week of the year (Monday through Thursday night) and hates it. But she’s trapped – there is nowhere she can go and make the kind of money she makes.

Without thinking, shared my philosophy about work and purpose and money.

In the process realized that excelling at your current job will never earn remarkable salary increases.

That happens only by climbing the ladder.

If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire.

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I Was Made For This

Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?
Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?

Last night, the vacationing man in the flowered shirt said, “Some people love work. Not me. I was never like that”.

My friend and I were strangely entertained as the man continued, “Bosses are a-holes, employees are a-holes, customers, peers…all a-holes. Now I don’t have to worry about any of it. Retirement? I was made for it”.

We were surprised by his unsolicited candor.

And marveled at his ability to endure pain.

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Get Me Out Of Here?

Ever wonder if we are more like vultures than not? It occurred to me that we are actually just like them.

Over the weekend, our Church’s Cub Scout Pack spent the night at Brevard Zoo.  There were many safety rules, because of the children, the darkness, the animals, etc.

In the morning, before breakfast, we were still confined to a certain area to remain safe. Across from our cabin, I spotted the vulture cage. There was a wild vulture standing on the cage pole, with other vultures just a few feet away on the inside.

Couldn’t help but have this moment of truth fly through my brain and capture it on this one-take You Tube video:

Any of this sound familiar?