Talking trash at an entirely ​new level

Talking trash at an entirely new level. Disney trash cans now have “self-notifying” sensors inside signaling when it’s full enough to be emptied. The road to excellence has no finish line. Never be satisfied that you have “finally arrived”. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, click […]

i study Steve Jobs, but never worked at Apple

    i’m fascinated by what the general public accepts as legitimate, and the blurry lines between two similar looking things that are actually polar opposites. Serendipitously, Bob Iger talks about Disney’s future. Shared the above Facebook update yesterday, not realizing it was from Lou Mongelo. i friend texted me asking if i know Lou – that’s when […]

This Disney photo explains why jungle jeff is so obsessed with certain things

  The companies that have the longest term employee and customer loyalty – like Disney and Apple – earn that admirable reputation because of their focus and discipline on the smallest details. It’s baked into their hardware (like trash cans) and manifested in their software – their insanely helpful employees. It’s rare, hence valuable. The recipe […]

jeffrey noel Cathartic Posts

An historical moment of truth…2009 Master’s World Championships… Yesterday’s post, lying dormant for 18 months was cathartic to finally publish. The other option would have been to simply move it to ‘Trash’, never to be seen by anyone except in a foggy personal memory. In leaving a trail for our young son, it hit me […]