You Like To Fail, Don’t You?

Tony Morgan.  Never heard of him until a few months ago.  A LinkedIn network update led me to a top ten article. To read the top ten reasons why you and I will most likely fail at anything, click here. Tony Morgan’s list isn’t anything new.  Heck, there’s hardly anything that’s ever really new. However, […]

Exploiting Chaos!

Walking through an airport this week, a book title caught my eye, “Exploiting Chaos“. Why?  If I have to explain this to you, you most likely won’t understand. But, because I’m a sucker for people who want to understand and continuously improve, I’ll give it a brief try here. Chaos is a paradox.  We can […]

jungle jeff, Jack & WMA

People who know me, know that when I come to the fork in the road, I take it. Seriously, of the many labels thrown my way – status quo, normal, conservative – these themes are not. Like many people, healthy living is important and action is required. After a dreadful cholesterol report a decade ago, […]

New Bonus Feature PAGE @ jungle jeff

New bonus feature PAGE at jungle jeff. July 15, 2009 – added to jungle jeff Click here – WDW Public Relations – to see and read the cool things Disney does. Not interested?  Wait.  Here are some of the meaningful categories you get to explore: Cast Members – Community – Conservation – Government – Media – Minority Business […]