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Leaving, On A Jet Plane

Passion for rolling up a garden hose?

The Orlando sunrise is almost here and I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in a few hours. Traveling is a big portion of my life as a professional speaker. I don’t blog much about it, and never while it’s happening. But today (Jan 10) that’s possible because the trip will be history by the time we read this.

Insight: Try to have something exciting to talk about each morning. It helps keep the passion for living alive, and we must preserve that.

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You Like To Fail, Don’t You?

Failure Is Not An Option
Failure Is Not An Option

Tony Morgan.  Never heard of him until a few months ago.  A LinkedIn network update led me to a top ten article.

To read the top ten reasons why you and I will most likely fail at anything, click here.

Tony Morgan’s list isn’t anything new.  Heck, there’s hardly anything that’s ever really new. However, one of the great, underrated keys to success is repetition.

Let me say that again, repetition. Ya with me?

Exploiting Chaos!

Walking through an airport this week, a book title caught my eye, “Exploiting Chaos“.

Why?  If I have to explain this to you, you most likely won’t understand. But, because I’m a sucker for people who want to understand and continuously improve, I’ll give it a brief try here.

Chaos is a paradox.  We can (and probably do) hate chaos.  Or, we can (and probably don’t) love chaos.

Hate it for all of the societal norm reasons most hate chaos.

Love it for all the opportunity it brings.  Yes, opportunity.  So once again, if I have to explain this to you, you won’t understand.  But if I were you, I’d quickly try to figure it out, or get left behind.


jungle jeff, Jack & WMA

People who know me, know that when I come to the fork in the road, I take it.

Seriously, of the many labels thrown my way – status quo, normal, conservative – these themes are not.

Like many people, healthy living is important and action is required. After a dreadful cholesterol report a decade ago, an exercise routine began:

  1. One push up per day, for one week
  2. Run one mailbox per day for one week
  3. Second week, add one push up per day
  4. Second week, add another mailbox per day
  5. Third week, well, you get the picture

Now here we are, ten years later, by practicing what I preach, guess where that’s led?

The World Master’s Athletics (WMA) Track & Field World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  Seriously.

Reporting live from Lahti, Finland, August 7, 2009.  Make it a GREAT day.  It’s up to you.  If not today, when?  Here’s to our health – carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂


New Bonus Feature PAGE @ jungle jeff

New bonus feature PAGE at jungle jeff.

July 15, 2009 – added to jungle jeff

Click here – WDW Public Relations – to see and read the cool things Disney does.

Not interested?  Wait.  Here are some of the meaningful categories you get to explore:

Cast Members – Community – Conservation – Government – Media – Minority Business

When you think about your future, does it inspire you, or tire you?  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂