They say

Disney Conference Speaker
Laura wrote down many of the things her mentor said.


They say the measure of a person’s integrity is what the person does that no one will ever know. So many colleagues have privately shared gratitude that he had no idea existed.

After 15 years of focused, disciplined, passionate, and intentional contribution at Disney Institute (DI), he left a quiet, indelible mark on DI’s karma.

An influence as soft as water, yet powerful enough to carve through stone given enough time. He had 15 gloriously intentional years.

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Professionally Speaking

With the courage and strength to push humility aside…

Disney University daily event board
Disney University daily event board.


Disney is a category of one. Meaning there is no equal. Not even a close runner-up.

The first work week as a small business entrepreneur has been mind blowingly self reflective.

With the strength and courage to push humility aside, as painful as that is, it’s easy to conclude beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no other professional speaker with the depth and breath of jungle jeff.

When you believe in something, believe in it all the way. – Walt Disney

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There’s a decent chance they’ll think he’s running from something

Retirement age chart


(photo: Two men in ten will retire before 62… how many at 55?)

There’s a decent chance they’ll think he’s running from something. After all, if you’re on the inside there are no secrets.

And some would say what’s on the inside is worth leaving.

But there couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

He’s not running from… he’s racing towards…

An obligation.

A passion.

The third most magnificent day in the life of every human.


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Nothing makes dreams happen faster than these four things

iPhone iTunes Radio screen shot
Am I wrong?


Tonight a friend retires at age 55.

How will the people gathered there to celebrate feel about her age?

Happy and ecstatic for her?

Bitter or jealous it’s not them?

We can wish and we can hope, but nothing makes dreams come true faster than these four things:

  1. Vision
  2. Focus
  3. Discipline
  4. Patience

How can we know for sure?

Guessing our friend doesn’t know for sure, but she’s willing to move forward anyway, with a disproportionately greater sense of hope than the average.

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Professionally Speaking

Be careful what you wish for dude

Disney Hotel roof line
We poison our souls so slowly we never notice


Be careful what you wish for dude.

In my line of work, I seem to see a lot more than most. – Jimmy Buffett

A seasoned, busy management consultant sees similar life scenarios played out in business.

The time for average is way past over.

Yet many business professionals slog on, in spite of the insanity of it all.

The only upside to this prison sentence is that most nights the prisoner can sleep at home.

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