How did Uber become a thing?

Uber choices
Quickly learned you have choices.


Uber app map
Delightfully surprised to learn you see where your driver is relative to your location.


Uber receipt
Loved the automatic email with receipt.


How did Uber become a thing?

The people and the organizations that live out each day “based on possibility” seem to get better when they do one thing others don’t do:

They ask better questions.

My Uber driver shared with me (because i asked a better question) that Uber originally began as a black car (limo-type) service in San Francisco. It was not some grand change-the-world revelation. But it kept evolving.

Daring to venture into uncharted territory happens one small step at a time.

Uber has a history.

It’s a slow and steady history that was written one small, radical-departure-decision-from-status-quo at a time. One “better question” at a time.

Questions based on possibility.

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