Know and understand in Disney-speak

Yesterday in LinkedIn.

Know and understand in Disney-speak.

Demographics and psychographics.

This is the Disney Way we use to explain going “above and beyond”.

It’s how the Disney Compass came into being as a way to visually explain to outsiders how we think.

Son, lean on needs, wants, stereotypes (+ and -), and emotions (+ and -). You know this inside and out. Use the compass to be a more compassionate, productive, loving, and efficient person.

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I Didn’t Get Clarification Yesterday Either

Okay, not the real Buddha, but close enough to inspire us.

Big dreamers make many promises to themselves, because so much needs to be done to reach big goals. The bigger the dream, the greater the potential failure and pain.

And then I meditated on the wisdom of true leadership. The most important things in life aren’t things. And they can not be rushed.

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