Who recommends their stiffest competition?

Disney Institute website screen shot
Disney Institute website screen shot. Photo: Yesterday.



Did i mention that one of the “management consulting” firms was  a recommendation? My other recommendation was Disney Institute.

They have not contacted Disney Institute because they already understand their pricing.

This makes me smile. Who recommends their stiffest competition?

Probably no one.

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Unorthodox blogging experiment?

The power of experimentation
The power of experimentation
Make your experiments your own
Make your experiments your own

So excited to see May 1, 2012. Are you diggin’ the prospect of a new month? How cool is this? A new set of 31 days. A new opportunity to keep moving forward.

So much stuff comes at us it can be overwhelming. Right? It’s challenging to slow down to check our progress or lack thereof. I’m so ready for brave new changes. So ready.

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