Social Media Has Always Been Acceptable For Personal Use, And Now Finally Widely Accepted For Professional Use

It was three years ago this month that jeff noel began using social media for Mid Life Celebration, LLC, noel’s retirement venture. What few are aware of, is noel was granted an opportunity to blog professionally. From January through July, 2009, noel was given permission to try blogging. He wrote completely on his own and was unendorsed by his organization. It was a very organic process. Armed only with the blessing to try.

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Leaders Focus On Culture

Of the things a leader can spend time doing, maintaining, growing and reinforcing corporate culture should be on the short list of critical success factors.

Can you imagine trying to be world-class with an average corporate culture?

Can you imagine a team of highly energized, focused, and driven professionals in an average corporate culture?

What would happen if a great organization took it’s corporate culture for granted?

What would happen to a good (not great) organization that elevated it’s corporate culture?

The other day, I went outside my Hotel for a breath of fresh air. During a ten minute break to take a walk, I shot a half dozen “one-take-You Tube videos”.

Most of them were about culture.  You can observe a lot by watching:

Maybe you are all set with your corporate culture. Maybe you have a great personal culture for you and your family. You do focus these business applications to your personal life, right?