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This video is the catalyst for all the LinkedIn videos. December 17, 2019 while shooting a short client video message, the catalytic idea appeared, up on our second floor roof.

Many ideas, once seen, are considered obvious. But before they are “seen”, they are impossibly elusive. Learning to think inside the box facilitates and accelerates great ideas.

The best ideas are no cost to low cost, have significant impact, and scale like a virus because of the ease for anyone and everyone to implement.

To see how the LinkedIn videos have morphed from 60 days ago, go here.

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Corporate culture is a virus

rare leadership concepts
Overuse generally has negative outcomes.


rare leadership concepts
No matter what we do or don’t do, there’s the possibility we’ll become ineffective. Never forget this. There is no one right answer.


Disney Institute speakers
Yesterday on Twitter. i follow Disney Institute. Mark Matheis, far right, and Jim Mundy, 2nd from left standing, are great Disney Cast Members, former colleagues, and friends. Looks like they intentionally wore vests.


Disney Legend Steve Jobs
Received this via a text message yesterday. Here’s to the Crazy Ones.


Corporate culture is a virus.

It’s either by design and works for you.

Or it’s by default and works against you.

Corporate culture is like personal wellness.

We dwell in vibrancy or survival-mode.

What we accept by default becomes our standard.

Here’s how insidious this is…

Many people i know haven’t gotten once-a-week exercise since high school gym class.

Think about that.

And ask yourself, “Is that a vibrant decision?”


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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, click here.

If you want to stay on this site and read more posts from this Blog, click here.


Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy

Privacy and secrets are the big victims (and the big victories) for the idea virus


The spread of ideas can go viral in an instant.

It can enhance political campaigns or ruin them.

Social media doesn’t care what anybody thinks. Social media is a potential force of nature.

And the Internet is on a collision course to redistribute power.

Take the broken customer elevator door at an Orlando parking garage.

Innocent and not uncommon. Things break down.

It’s when something happens beyond the ordinary that any camera can capture. And everyone has a camera.


Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy.

It can become a beacon or a weapon.

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Been Tested For This Virus Yet?

Large Piles Of Nice Things Unsaid
Large Piles Of Nice Things Unsaid

Yesterday I referenced an (obscene) infectious virus that is plaguing the world, the corporate world especially.

It’s insidious and devastating.

My guess right now, at this very moment, you’re confused and wondering what I’m talking about.

That’s fair. And perfect.

It’s the perfect storm, isn’t it? This pervasive lack of recognition amongst people everywhere. The sad thing is, now that you know what I’m talking about, you are shaking you head, “Yep, he’s right”.

“What to do?”, is a question you may not have an answer for. But you know me, I do.

The answer?

Go to the far end of the sick world, and be the cure. Make it YOUR daily habit to say nice things to people.

You won’t win any employee of the month awards, but you will be living with integrity. Isn’t that enough?