Can public speaking make you a better leader?

Speaking in front of others is something every leader must do, and should do well. The better you become at public speaking, the better you become as a leader. It’s intuitive that this makes sense, right? Today’s post is actually an entry on my “National Speakers Association” page, so you’d be unlikely to read it […]

Do I practice what I preach?

Do I practice what I preach? Do you? This is a follow-up post to yesterday’s interesting challenge about “mistakes” smart people make. Funny thing is, I’m often tempted to judge myself based entirely on my intentions. The fundamental change brought about by teaching – and they say to teach is to learn twice – is […]

Know the mistake smart people make?

Wanna know one of the biggest mistakes smart people make? Sophisticated and intelligent, most organizations wordsmith their vision, mission and brand statements for the benefit of looking good to Wall Street and their Board of Directors. Here’s the paradox, in a quote from someone really smart. “Complexity holds people back from acting because they don’t […]

What does EPCOT stand for?

What does EPCOT stand for? Every Person Comes Out Tired! What? Just kidding.  You can take the boy out of the Jungle Cruise, but you can’t take the Jungle Cruise out of the boy. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. That’s what Walt Disney called Walt Disney World, before it was officially named […]

What’s the paradox of risk?

Why take a risk? Aren’t risks dangerous?  “Yes, and”. Risks can lead to breakthroughs.  Risks can catapault a product or service into market domination – into brand recognition so great, it makes the product or service a household name.  Risks can enhance your career.  We can even argue that rewards are directly proportional to the risk involved.  […]