From the ashes we build anew

Middle school field trip
Middle schoolers go to high school and before you know it, they’re gone.


For two weekends in a row, i’ve not worked the way i have for the past seven years. Since late 2008, i’ve been working two jobs, seven days a week.

And for the past year, while traveling for Disney Institute is no longer a necessity, the challenging journey without a map – using nothing but experience and instinct as a solo entrepreneur – has required a level of performance i had only hoped i would possess when the terrain got rugged.

But since throwing an iPhone 6 into the swimming pool, i’m looking at my own work habits and questioning many things. My son deserves that i look in the mirror.




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Leadership Wake Up Call

This Is Your Wake Up Call
This Is Your Wake Up Call

Yesterday’s jungle jeff blog post ended sort of weird, didn’t it?

It felt like that to me anyway.

Leadership. Personal leadership or professional leadership. It doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s “right-sizing” at work, that’s your wake-up call.

Maybe it’s an alarming medical report that does it at home.

These are the things that rattle our cage and inspire us to make dramatic changes.

Positive changes.

Life-altering changes.

Just the other day, a neighbor commented that he was relieved he was given a package. As an executive, he felt he always remained a “target”.

Now, he no longer has that worry. He said he saw it coming and started an entrepreneurial business last year.  Now he can devote full-time effort to it. He claimed he should have done this long ago.

Good for him.  Proactive effort. Now, back to the point. What are you planning to do this year?

Makes everyone think, doesn’t it?

And then the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack reminded me of something.