Ultimately, As We Enter & Pass Through Midlife, We Have Important Choices

As Baby Boomers, we have been taught to work hard, do a good job, dream big, enjoy and appreciate the American way of freedom and justice, in the land of opportunity.

Somewhere along the way, greed and slothful behavior slowly poisoned our attitude. We are awakened from our zombie-like life when we get a serious wakeup call. This is a blessing in disguise, offering a second big last chance to change.

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Leadership Wake Up Call

This Is Your Wake Up Call
This Is Your Wake Up Call

Yesterday’s jungle jeff blog post ended sort of weird, didn’t it?

It felt like that to me anyway.

Leadership. Personal leadership or professional leadership. It doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s “right-sizing” at work, that’s your wake-up call.

Maybe it’s an alarming medical report that does it at home.

These are the things that rattle our cage and inspire us to make dramatic changes.

Positive changes.

Life-altering changes.

Just the other day, a neighbor commented that he was relieved he was given a package. As an executive, he felt he always remained a “target”.

Now, he no longer has that worry. He said he saw it coming and started an entrepreneurial business last year.  Now he can devote full-time effort to it. He claimed he should have done this long ago.

Good for him.  Proactive effort. Now, back to the point. What are you planning to do this year?

Makes everyone think, doesn’t it?

And then the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack reminded me of something.