Could This Change Your Life?

Making excuses is natural, and potentially terminal

Tragedy and Hope Facebook update
Photo: Tragedy and Hope’s Facebook feed.


Making excuses is natural.

It’s a convenient coping mechanism.

No harm no foul, right?

Making excuses can become habitual.

Worse yet, it can become a disease.

There’s no MRI that will reveal it’s severity.

Only a wake up call will do that.

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Re: 9/11… What if everyone did?

Desserted Iowa City street at 6am
Looking south on Clinton Street in Iowa City


Desserted Iowa City street at 6am
Looking north on Clinton Street in Iowa City


June 3rd as this is penned. September 11 as it is published.

Why write 100 days ahead? Three reasons:

  1. Suffering from writer’s flood
  2. Find solace that no one knows when our house is down a person
  3. It’s so different from status quo – this makes traveling this uncharted path very exciting

So weird that these photos were chosen randomly this morning before the math said it would go live on 9/11.

Almost a guarantee that no one is thinking about 9/11 on June 3.


What if everyone did?

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