Can You Walk & Talk?

Be Creative In Your Life's Walk
Be Creative In Your Life's Walk

Can you walk and talk?

Silly, isn’t it? Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? It’s a tough economic time, a troubled time, an uncertain time. Perhaps the most difficult time of our entire life.

This begs the real question because, personally, it seems excruciatingly rare.

Can you walk the talk?

Speaking of Fear

Dear jungle jeff readers, you probably know this, but jungle jeff is just one of five daily blogs that I write.

After speaking of fear yesterday here at jungle jeff, a few minutes later I posted an important jeff noel blog post.

And the topic at yesterday was the antithesis of the one here at jungle jeff.

Is it okay to notice personal growth and use that confidence to make a dramatic leap in progress?

One thing for sure, I’m not afraid to find out.

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