Time management is about energy, not time

Muhlenberg dining hall
We drove as a Family to breakfast.


Muhlenberg dining hall
Our student tour guide described this dining hall as a cross between Hogwarts and a Ski Lodge.


Muhlenberg dining hall


walking in Allentown
Walking back to College hours after breakfast. This doubled my walking mileage for the day.


walking in Allentown
To show how close the Teddy Bears in the car are to the road.


Time Management shouldn’t be driven by a to-do list. Time management needs to be driven by priorities.

Giving attention to your responsibilities is hard to do because it takes time, focus, and self-discipline.

Who’s got time for that?

Focus, discipline, and expending energy (not time) is what elevates my life from survival to thriving.

Time and energy rarely walk together as equals.

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