Happy Birthday Walt Disney World

Note, currently, the video is not displaying on mobile devices, even iPad. October 1, 1971 – Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park opens. Walt Disney’s dream for an Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow started long before 1971. The 24-minute video isn’t worth watching unless you can automatically make a business case for the chronicles of Disneyland, […]

Walt Disney Was Inspired

Walt Disney was inspired. No one was more passionate about his vision for Family Entertainment than he was. And when Walt Disney died in 1966, his brother, Roy O. Disney, had a big decision to make. Walt Disney and his associates purchased 43-square miles of virgin swamp, pine forest and oak hammock in central Florida. […]

Do You Follow Your Instincts?

This excerpt is from a Speakers and Panelist LinkedIn Group Member, Stephen J Stulic. Relevant and powerful: “Seek and Welcome Opportunities That Move You Closer To Realizing Your Full Potential. Be ready when opportunity knocks. And sometimes, by taking strategic advantage of several small opportunities, you may move closer to realizing your full potential more […]