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RIP Walt Disney

Cast Activities logo
Have had my eye on a castle turret design for several years. This reminded me to dust off the idea.


main logo
Main logo is ripe for a new Family member. A Family of logos.


Walt Disney died on this day (December 15) in 1966.

He had turned 65 ten days prior to his death.

So grateful for the legacy he left our Company.

Incredibly blessed to have it be my life’s work.

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No really

Visionary leadership is the only thing that changes things

Pool acid wash complete


(photo: Remove the wet vac and then begin refilling pool with water.)

Visionary leadership is the only thing that changes things. The leader’s job isn’t to maintain things.

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So What?

Walkin’ in Walt Disney’s footsteps the past 36 hours

Walt Disney statue at Disney's California Adventure
Walkin’ in Walt Disney’s footsteps the past 36 hours


Finding words to describe what it feels like to be here and to be so welcomed and so included…



Kinda giddy too.

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Blogging & Social Media

Dear readers, it certainly is not a secret, but…

Social media tips and tricks. There’s a time and a place for humor hashtags, right?



Walt Disney said, “Laughter is no enemy to learning”.

I like Walt. Many do. And I like him so much I started working for him January 25, 1982.

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Dear Son

Who was the smartest of the Disney brothers?

jeff noel, book storyboard
Met an hour every Sunday for nearly a year, just to complete the storyboard


jeff noel's book storyboard
Many dream of making a living as a writer – seriously hard work, serious competition


Walt Disney sometimes said his brother, the Postman, was the smartest Disney because he didn’t have to worry about all the things a business owner needs to worry about (hiring, firing, payroll, deals, etc).

A simple life?

Does it pay the bills?

Do we keep our bills in check?

Do we know how (our) children spell Love?


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