Work Life Saver

Balance can ruin a career, and it can save a career. I heard a story about Walt Disney’s wife, secretary and even his physician, all saying, “Walt, you need to get a hobby or you’ll work yourself into an early grave.” Having the distraction of a hobby can actually make you sharper, more focused, more […]

Does Perfection Matter?

Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know what Lance Armstrong has done for bicycling, what he has done for Cancer patients, or what he has done for the pursuit of excellence, in anything, not just bicycling? Walt Disney said, “Aim for perfection, settle for excellence”. Two nights […]

Walt Disney Was Inspired

Walt Disney was inspired. No one was more passionate about his vision for Family Entertainment than he was. And when Walt Disney died in 1966, his brother, Roy O. Disney, had a big decision to make. Walt Disney and his associates purchased 43-square miles of virgin swamp, pine forest and oak hammock in central Florida. […]