Disney’s Jungle Cruise Attraction

Here’s a Disneyland You Tube Jungle Cruise Video, reportedly from 1956. Fast forward to January 1982. Orlando, Florida. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. Straw hat, 100% polyester Disney costume, Disney haircut, Disney smile, ten-minute Disney spiel in hand. Humor was not the focus in 1956, as it was when I was a Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper, […]

Biggest Disney Fan?

Who’s the biggest Disney fan you know? Maybe it’s yourself.  Maybe a neighbor.  Or a colleague, friend or family member. For me, it’s me. My younger sister is right up there too.  Maybe it was growing up in small town America watching Walt Disney on Sunday nights in our living room. Or maybe it was […]

Walt Disney Said

Walt Disney said many profound things. There are few on Earth that think Walt Disney was stupid and misguided. Are you a Walt Disney fan? I mean, a fan of the man, the dreamer and doer? After several days of long jungle jeff blog posts, I’m cutting this one short with a simple and profound […]