Saturday, short and sweet

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney “If you think you can or you think you can not, you are right.” — Henry Ford “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.” — jungle jeff  🙂 Carpe diem, and have a GREAT weekend.

Walt Disney was “crazy”

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely source. Do you ever find this to be true? It’s like a gift, right under our nose, waiting to be unwrapped. Except for one thing. We rarely take notice. Walt Disney spent a lifetime teaching his associates to pay attention to the smallest of details.  Details so “insignificant” […]

Why 17.84 ?

What’s significant about 17.84? That’s what Disney stock closed at today.  As in $17.84 a share.  That’s a 52-week New York Stock Exchange low.  (The official low today was $17.72, but the close was $17.84) Because of the strength of the Disney Company brand (Magic), Disney tends to be one of the last to feel […]

What’s the paradox of risk?

Why take a risk? Aren’t risks dangerous?  “Yes, and”. Risks can lead to breakthroughs.  Risks can catapault a product or service into market domination – into brand recognition so great, it makes the product or service a household name.  Risks can enhance your career.  We can even argue that rewards are directly proportional to the risk involved.  […]