Hey Jody, what if…

originality and criticism
The trap when pursuing originality is quitting as you pass through the storm of criticism.

Hey Jody, what if you helped me build a jeff noel genius network?

A warrior network.

Love the warrior, hate the war.

What war?

The war against fear and excuses. The war against normal, the herd mentality – if everyone’s doing it, it has to be okay.

Made for people who want to rethink everything.

Perfect for people who have great priorities but know they need to modify their priorities order.

The best catalyst for people who are 110% committed to transforming themselves.

That was a little creative, dreaming riff. Morning exercises if you will. 

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Leaving, On A Jet Plane

Passion for rolling up a garden hose?

The Orlando sunrise is almost here and I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in a few hours. Traveling is a big portion of my life as a professional speaker. I don’t blog much about it, and never while it’s happening. But today (Jan 10) that’s possible because the trip will be history by the time we read this.

Insight: Try to have something exciting to talk about each morning. It helps keep the passion for living alive, and we must preserve that.

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