Ever feel guilty for carrying it with you everywhere?

Apple Watch 42 Sport
Apple Watch Sport 42 black


Apple Watch selfie
Apple Watch selfie


In the digital frontier, which is really where we are in 2015, having the best tool is a huge advantage.

It may seem like technology is advanced, but…

Long ago the bow and arrow became a breakthrough that made a spear or a sling obsolete.

And then along comes this little thing called a rifle.

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Are You Serious? (part 2)

Here’s the secret to “Are You Serious”, from yesterday’s post.

Think. Read.  Watch. Listen.  Talk. Write.  Blog.

A lot.

Then repeat.

For example.  I invested about about 30 minutes Sunday to listen to THIS.

That’s how I do it.  And yes, I are serious. 🙂

PS.  If you missed it two sentences up, (click THIS) Seth Godin explains, book by book, his thinking with each book.  If you are serious about becoming better, this will rock your thinking – especially if you are a traditionalist.

On Startups.com

OnStartUps. Ever heard of them?  Click here to see a list of entrepreneurs that are changing things.

Many years ago, I found myself driving Ken Blanchard to the airport. We had 30 minutes to talk.  And I was smart enough, even back then, to do most of the listening.  One of the things that has stayed with me all these years was something very simple that Ken Blanchard said:

“You can watch the parade.  You can march in the parade.  Or, you can lead the parade”.

I think about hometown Halloween parades this time of year, with High School Marching Bands and Drum & Bugle Corps.  Do you?  Can you picture watching a home town parade?  Ever march in one?  Ever lead one?

Entrepreneurs change things.  And they are leaders.  Remember Rosa Parks.  I’d like to testify that Rosa Parks was an entrepreneur.   “I rest my case, your honor”.

How big are your dreams?  How much courage (guts) do you possess?  What are you gonna do today?