Am I The Only One?

Being a category of one is the new wealth

Disney news Dan Cockerell
My comment on Dan’s LinkedIn April 26 announcement.


Disney news Dan Cockerell
Top comment specifically uses the word “freedom”.


Disney news Dan Cockerell
It’s possible to read between the lines, however, it’s all speculation.


Being a category of one is the new wealth.



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What Are You Waiting For?

The shortcut to career wealth

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No really

Wealth is how long we can live after we stop working

Calgary International Airport horse sculpture
Is art the sculpture, the child’s bear’s travels, both, or neither? Invest in art.


Wealth is how long we can live after we stop working.

It is not a specific dollar amount.

It’s a balance of expenses and cash flow.

Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairing.  – Billy Rose

When they match we are golden.

A deficiency in income means we have to keep working to make up the deficit.

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Freaks unite

General human blindness and wealth inequity in America


Three months ago Seth Godin shared this post which features a link to the video above, and dialogue unrelated to wealth. It’s mostly about how we have trouble visualizing important statistics and the video is really well done and effective at making things crystal clear.

What still is not clear, to me anyway, is how we put so much stock in tomorrow, without fully investing in today.

Not talking about money, rather personal leadership.

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Do Not Collect

Climbing up the ladder of success, and buying more and bigger stuff

Group of Giraffes in Florida Zoo
No ladders to climb with Mother Nature


The paradox of the American rat race, climbing up the ladder of success, and buying more and bigger stuff:

Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time. – Margaret Bonanno, American writer

Very difficult to earn serious income without serious time commitment.

The challenge (and opportunity) is to find a way to travel in any direction, and be happy with the view.

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