Using The First Two As Excuses Makes Us Look Bad, Even If We Have No Clue Of It

There’s a very simple reason blind spots are called just that, blind spots. The only person who can’t see the obvious, is the one who has no clue. In our own unique way, we each have a ton of blind spots. Time gives us opportunity (try) to self-correct. Or not. Next Blog

Midlife Crisis Needs This Antidote

A big part of our midlife effort should be in solidifying whatever legacy we’d like to leave. Baby Boomers know that doing work that matters gets them ever closer to elusive life goals, and two things in life that make it more enjoyable and prepare the way for our exit. Peace and contentment. Peace with […]

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel Is On A Journey To Help Reawaken Midlife Baby Boomer Retirement Goals

There’s a place in every human’s heart that’s full of love, full of hope. The eyes of a wise baby boomer have the power to speak a great language. This may not mean anything to you now. That’s okay. Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes. Growing older implies lots of mistakes, […]

Mid Life Celebration Summer Vacation & Strategy Planning

The Summer was tough on jeff noel. Taking a month-long vacation in July, which was cool because jeff had never done that before. But the tough part was strategizing the next 12 months for Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Tough because of so many ideas. Tough because of the economy. Tough because kids are only ten […]