What if we did what we say were gonna do?

Woman climbing stairs on bright Summer morning
Wonder if she does what she says she’s gonna do


What if we did what we say were gonna do? Yeah, “What if?”

Classic question. Classic response, “We’ll never know, because we never did what we said we were gonna do.”

So today I’m kickin’ my own butt to get five blogs written before midnight. Every. Single. Day.

Why “kill myself” on those rare days when it’s not done before sunrise?

Because it’s what I say I do. So I do it.

Everyday is a helluva commitment.

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Imagine, Snowball Marketing

Snowball Marketing?
Snowball Marketing?

Imagine if (random number) half your staff had blogs.  And they wrote about how your company helps people.

Imagine the people you select to blog, like this.  They are smart, professional people.  You already trust them to remain compliant with all your organization’s policies, while interacting with your customers on the phone, and face to face.

Imagine no rules are broken and no lines are crossed – the same way you currently assume your people are behaving in front of your customers.

Is this easy or difficult to imagine?