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It Ain’t Gonna Fall From The Sky

Even Mr. Fredrickson Had It
Even Mr. Fredrickson Had It

Don’t expect your efforts to be easy or for your long-awaited life-work balance transformation to happen quickly.

Many bloggers make these claims.

This is why people fail.

Look at history and the people who’ve reached their dreams.

They all have one thing in common, which is mentioned at the Next Blog

You Like To Fail, Don’t You?

Failure Is Not An Option
Failure Is Not An Option

Tony Morgan.  Never heard of him until a few months ago.  A LinkedIn network update led me to a top ten article.

To read the top ten reasons why you and I will most likely fail at anything, click here.

Tony Morgan’s list isn’t anything new.  Heck, there’s hardly anything that’s ever really new. However, one of the great, underrated keys to success is repetition.

Let me say that again, repetition. Ya with me?