Slowly digging out

Slowly digging out of the office administrative backlog created by nine days with limited internet access. The Lodge wifi was so slow, that i had to blog using notes. This creates a time-consuming task of transferring everything from Notes to WordPress websites. Transferring photos is the most laborious. A multi-day process. Then there‚Äôs the speaking […]

Freedom and joy lies on the other side of decisiveness

    This is a boring post (as are many) if you aren’t able to read between the lines and understand the unspoken insights embedded in my writing style. The decision to delete all but one WordPress plugin was finalized while i’ve been writing – this Saturday morning, December 10, 2016. Also removed¬†commenting on posts. […]

Geeks generally are not great speakers

  (photo: David Laietta, WordPress Orlando 2014 Word Camp organizer getting the audience ready for the opening remarks. Yesterday, December 5, 2014.) Geeks generally are not great speakers. And vice versa. Hoping to some day pay back the Orlando WordPress community. Note to self: enough waiting already. Okay? Next Blog

Will our dream’s horizon ever appear close?

  (photo: Yesterday this appeared on the Mobile WordPress app. is different than .com and is what MLC uses. Registered for .com just to compare the differences.) Learning involves a critical assumption that we will be exposed to something we didn’t know before. This can be scary or exciting. Time consuming or easy. The […]