Don’t Bother

“If you’re not going to come into the office on Thanksgiving Day, don’t even bother coming in on Christmas day”, the overworked, underpaid leader stated to the others on her team. The Beatles got it right, didn’t they – “Eight Days A Week”. This is a good time to be working harder than you ever […]

Fortune Favors The Brave

Fortune favors the brave.  It does indeed.  But what does that mean, “favors you“?  Or what does it mean, “brave“? This sounds pretty inspiring, yet how do we apply it or gauge whether we are brave?  Try this on for size. I believe if everyone likes you, you are not brave enough.  Courage implies risk. […]

Noel’s Tree Service & the Hidden Disney Secret?

Noel’s Tree Service, and the hidden Disney secret? Not exactly. Last night I spoke with Noel (his first name and my last name – what are the odds) about trimming my palm trees, an annual event that I’ve done myself for the past 17 years.  We have about 30 sabal palms, the Florida State tree. He […]

Disney, Branding, Disney?

Disney, Branding, Disney? Personal branding is something we are all aware of, right?  Just like personal wellness is something we are all aware of.  Are you with me? OK, so we know these things, but the people who actually get great results, versus good results, are those that work the hardest. Seriously, it’s what we […]

jeff noel + blog =?

Hey, business blogs and professional networking are occupying a big part of my dreaming capacity these days.    How is it with you?   The dreaming part. To me, dreaming is synonymous with vision, in my opinion. How important is vision?  What is your vision each and every day.  This can be challenging to answer. Why? Because […]