Leadership Wake Up Call

This Is Your Wake Up Call
This Is Your Wake Up Call

Yesterday’s jungle jeff blog post ended sort of weird, didn’t it?

It felt like that to me anyway.

Leadership. Personal leadership or professional leadership. It doesn’t matter.

Maybe it’s “right-sizing” at work, that’s your wake-up call.

Maybe it’s an alarming medical report that does it at home.

These are the things that rattle our cage and inspire us to make dramatic changes.

Positive changes.

Life-altering changes.

Just the other day, a neighbor commented that he was relieved he was given a package. As an executive, he felt he always remained a “target”.

Now, he no longer has that worry. He said he saw it coming and started an entrepreneurial business last year.  Now he can devote full-time effort to it. He claimed he should have done this long ago.

Good for him.  Proactive effort. Now, back to the point. What are you planning to do this year?

Makes everyone think, doesn’t it?

And then the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack reminded me of something.

Don’t Bother

“If you’re not going to come into the office on Thanksgiving Day, don’t even bother coming in on Christmas day”, the overworked, underpaid leader stated to the others on her team.

The Beatles got it right, didn’t they – “Eight Days A Week”.

This is a good time to be working harder than you ever have before.  I know firsthand, and some think I’m crazy, but I work seven days a week. And have for a long time.

Ain’t braggin’.  Just stating the facts.  And sometimes I wish the week had eight days. But mostly, an extra day just to sleep.

Hope you have an extraordinary week of hard work. We reap what we sow. This is the time to be out-working your competition. When others are ready to give up, it’ll be your opportunity to shine.

Fortune Favors The Brave

Fortune favors the brave.  It does indeed.  But what does that mean, “favors you“?  Or what does it mean, “brave“?

This sounds pretty inspiring, yet how do we apply it or gauge whether we are brave?  Try this on for size.

I believe if everyone likes you, you are not brave enough.  Courage implies risk. And risk implies challenging the status quo. Generally, people do not like being challenged.

This also applies to us when we look in the mirror.  I am often tempted to not  challenge myself to do more, do better, do differently.


Because it’s too much work, too much risk, too much uncertainty. Isn’t it?  Ever find yourself thinking like this?  Good.

Most people intuitively understand that hard work pays off, that uncertainty is part of life, that risk is a key ingredient for continuous improvement and that fortune favors the brave.

Noel’s Tree Service & the Hidden Disney Secret?

Noel’s Tree Service, and the hidden Disney secret?

Not exactly.

Last night I spoke with Noel (his first name and my last name – what are the odds) about trimming my palm trees, an annual event that I’ve done myself for the past 17 years.  We have about 30 sabal palms, the Florida State tree.

He can’t come out today to give me an estimate.  Bummer, right?  He’s got a fishing tournament.  Once every month, men from his Church go bass fishing.

I think it’s great that:

  1. He has a sense of community
  2. Has his own business
  3. Is so busy during these turbulent times
  4. Commits to time away from work to recharge
  5. He called me back at 7PM on a Friday night

An hour before I spoke with Noel, I spoke with my car mechanic, or should I say car magician, Randy.

Randy also has an interest in fishing.  Small world, eh?

Noel will be on a Central Florida lake.  Randy goes deep sea fishing.

Well, Randy doesn’t actually go fishing, he goes catching.

BIG difference.

The language difference that Noel and Randy use “to do the same thing”, makes all the difference in the world.

Same at Disney.  Same for me.

And while you may not realize it, it’s the same for you.  The question then becomes, “Are you maximizing your language to have a great personal and professional culture”?

Words must be leveraged to be great.

Let me say that one more time – must be leveraged.

You don’t have to leverage your language to become world-class; however, your chances of ever becoming world-class pale in comparison to those that harness this simple business strategy.

The choice is yours.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Disney, Branding, Disney?

Disney, Branding, Disney?

Personal branding is something we are all aware of, right?  Just like personal wellness is something we are all aware of.  Are you with me?

OK, so we know these things, but the people who actually get great results, versus good results, are those that work the hardest.

Seriously, it’s what we all know to be true, but hate to admit.

Why, because hard work is, well, hard.

Here’s a case in point from my early morning drive to work this past Friday.

Like Tiger told me a year ago, “Out work ’em”!

Words to live by, but only if you want to get great results.

If great results are not part of your responsibilities, then I would just enjoy this post for what it is.

A personal opinion expressed by someone brought up in a culture where getting great results is a personal brand.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂