Is it impossible to have the opposite of writer’s block?

Paying attention to his surroundings is in his DNA. Long ago, it was a matter of daily survival.

writer's block

Is it impossible to have the opposite of writer’s block?

My biggest problem isn’t having something to write about, but rather what to let go of. Too many ideas and thoughts, and not enough time.

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Insight: The more (frequency and duration) you do things differently, the more you get good at what people say is a problem.

Wasn’t Looking for This

Writing five blogs every day has wonderful, and may I audaciously say, transformational benefits.  Far beyond what was ever thought possible.  And yet….

What comes along with the good – and everyone knows this as a “truth” – is the bad.  The bad in this case is writers block.  My first little bout came and went a few days ago.  It lasted a couple days.  Triggered mostly by time pressures, not lack of desire.

Anyway, following a daily routine of scanning Facebook, Twitter, LnkedIn, blogs, etc, I stumbled upon a LinkedIn status update.

Susan Harrow’s article, Changing Your Body Changes Your Self, is definitely worth a quick read.  Why?  Because she speaks about what is common knowledge, but not common practice.

One of the best ways to change our bodies is to use common sense. One of the best ways to use common sense is to focus on it every day. Ya with me?  Every single day.  Period.  Carpe diem.