The two share 64 years of combined Walt Disney World Service

Long-term Disney World Cast Members
We have 64 combined years of Walt Disney World Service. Photo: Last night after dinner near Philadelphia City Hall.


We share 64 years of combined Walt Disney World Service.

In four days i’ll celebrate the third anniversary of my Disney retirement.

i picked Halloween on purpose so i can say, “After 30 years of service it was really scary to leave Disney.”

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Would you get excited for a trophy?

Unique Florida wildflower
This flower was a big surprise at the swamps’s edge.


When this post goes live in 100 days, jungle jeff will be 10 days away from 30 ‘official’ years at Walt Disney World.

Original hire date of January 25, 1982, beginning as ‘jungle jeff’ in Adventureland.

Left when Summer ended and returned for good September 27, 1984.

So excited to reach this incredible milestone.

Would you get excited for a trophy?

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Happy New Year 2012!

Now showing, our dreams and hopes from 90 days ago.

Assuming you came here from, by clicking Next Blog. But I’ll say it again just in case – all Mid Life Celebration April 2012 posts have been written 90 days in the past.

That means as I type these words, it’s New Year’s Day. For real. 🙂

On New Year’s Day, we dreamt some ambitious thoughts for this year to be better than 2011. How’s that working out?

PS. I dreamt of this experiment – writing about today’s wishes for the future  -and then checking in when the future arrives, to see how it ended.

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Bet You Have It Too

Far Away?
Far Away?

Passion.  Bet you have a ton of passion.

Maybe you’re in a job where your passion thrives. Maybe you’re not.

Does passion make for a better worker?

Do you do your best work around something you’re passionate about?

How many leaders are in positions that got them a better title, a better paycheck, better meetings, and better perks, but took them further from their passion?

And then there are people who have found their passion, their dream job, but over the years they have allowed things beyond their control to poison themselves.

Imagine your own situation.