Dear Yesterday

Grinnell Glacier overlook trail
It is steeper and scarier (with the high winds) than it looks. You can see hikers over Dave’s shoulder.


Grinnell Glacier overlook trail
The summit of the spur trail. To the left and just out of sight is the Grinnell Glacier overlook.


Dear Yesterday,

You are my best teacher.

Every morning begins reflecting on what i learned yesterday (that’s you), what i get to do today, and what i hope for tomorrow.

The work experience you faithfully provide, the mentors, the mentees, the opportunities, the occasional heartbreaks, and the global exposure, these only scratch the surface in shaping the leader i am today – and the leader i desire to become before my 60th birthday.

Each morning i spend a third of my day thinking about you, a third thinking about Today, and a third thinking about Tomorrow.

Fair enough?

Ps. See you again tomorrow.



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Against All Odds

Yesterday….(Not the Beatles).

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Disneyland!

Walt Disney said:

“I knew if this business was ever to get anywhere, if this business was ever to grow, it could never do it by having to answer to someone unsympathetic to it’s possibilities, by having to answer to someone with only one thought or interest, namely profits.  For my idea of how to make profits has differed greatly from those who generally control businesses such as ours.  I have a blind faith in the policy that quality, tempered with good judgement and showmanship, will win out against all odds”.

If Walt Disney could have envisioned how successful his business philosophy would ultimately become and how far it would take The Walt Disney Company, maybe he would have found a way to quit smoking.

Crazy, yes.  Impossible, no.

Walt Disney never used the word, “Impossible”!

Carpe diem,  jungle jeff  🙂