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Very First You Tube Video (Ever)

You Tube celebrated it’s 5th anniversary earlier this year.

You Tube.

Five years.

Who could have predicted?

May 2009. Connecticut business trip. My first You Tube video. Ever.

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No really

Guest Vlogger Victor Frankl

Most of us are searching for the meaning of life, some higher purpose. A greater purpose than simply making a lot of money.  Victor Frankl, famous Holocaust survivor, speaks passionately about treating others as they can become, not as they presently are:

Anyone Else Think Like This?

There’s A New Resume In Town

Is Social Media The New Cardboard Sign?
Is Social Media The New Cardboard Sign?

How updated is your resume?

Even if your resume is updated, it’s outdated. No, seriously.

Social media is the new resume. If you’re not using blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and the other emerging social media channels to promote your personal brand, you are being left behind.

Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is getting the job.

What are your chances if you follow the old and outdated rules?

Fess Parker Daniel Boone

This is today’s second post.  I know (who cares?).  A tribute to Walt Disney’s brilliance in knowing what American audiences wanted, even before they knew. Fess Parker dead at 85.  He was THE Daniel Boone.

Six Pixels Of Separation

We Are Closer Than You Think
We Are Closer Than You Think

“Social media in all forms are becoming the dominant form of interaction on the Net, whether blogging, Twittering, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Six Pixels of Separation clearly describes this new family of media, offering realistic ways to get involved and productive in a hurry.” — Craig Newmark, founder of Craigs List