Change isn’t hard at first

Change isn’t hard at first, specifically in our youth. Why? Because children are so experimental, so untethered with conformity, so excited about possibility. Children dream wide open. No filters. There’s next to nothing to lose. And then something happens. We grow up and learn about fear, risk-taking, and status quo. •  •  •  •  • This […]

Dear younger me

  Dear younger me, You will be so glad you postponed your routine Thursday night partying at West Chester University by attending the 10pm meeting hosted by Disney College Recruiting. You’ll receive a letter from Disney telling you you’ve been cast for a role in the show as an “Attractions Host”. Trust me, driving a […]

Morons Beware

Morons beware. I don’t use moron in my vocabulary, because it sounds derogatory. However, using it in a blog title is catchy and gutsy. In business, who doesn’t like that combination? “The death of education and the dawn of learning”. (can you identify the “morons”?): Bob Dylan said it best, “He who’s not busy being born, is […]