Being Brave

Now you’re on to something

Landscaping van near Walt Disney World
Who’s taking care of your fears?


There’s only one comfort zone that seems useful.

Getting comfortable with fear.

Dancing with fear.

Falling in love with fear.

Because once the relationship is rock solid, we understand there is nothing to fear.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Then soar.

And thrive.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Why don’t we if it’s so easy?

Midlife Celebration books as gifts to Dentist office staff


(photo: waited way too long, but finally fulfilled the small task of sharing a signed copy with the staff , and two hibiscus flowers from the house)

If simple pleasures bring enormous gratitude, why don’t we do more of them?

Take pictures.

Go for a walk.

Enjoy the solitude of nature just before sunrise.

Oh wait, we have a real job with lots of pressure and responsibility.

Ok, let’s just wait until we retire to do the cool, daily, little things.


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